Dance Moms – Disastrous Costumes

I have been watching Dance Moms on Lifetime for the past several weeks and am quite disappointed with the way the costuming is handled for Abby Lee Miller Dance Company.  Up to this point I haven’t really commented, but tonight’s show left me horrified!  Although I know acts occasionally scratch, or pull-out, for injuries or other issues, we have never had a client that was forced to pull out due to costuming issues.  What a tragic situation for this dancer.  Not unlike Cinderella, Paige had worked so hard on her routine and was ready for the ball, but had nothing to wear.

In response to Abby’s ultimatum to Kelly to find her own choreographer and costumer, we would like to offer our services to produce any of the Dance Mom’s costumes.  It is important to us to let people know that not all costume companies produce costumes like the ones being shown on this show.  We take pride in producing award-winning, high quality, custom fit costumes in an affordable and timely manner.

If you’re experiencing costuming problems such as delivery, fit and design, like those occurring on Dance Moms, please, Please, PLEASE contact us so we can show you how custom costumes should be made!


About Elite Designs Costuming

Elite Designs Costuming provides custom costumes for the dance, cheer and skating industries. We can help you create virtually any costume from scratch. From the simplest to the most elaborate design, we help your designs come to life!
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